Open Doors To Theme Living In India’s Metropolitan Cities

Jun , 28
Open Doors To Theme Living In India’s Metropolitan Cities

With fashion making a statement into every aspect of human life, the real estate sector has also incorporated this revolution into their respective projects. The exposure of the Indian lifestyle to global standards has significantly raised the bar for real estate developers and builders across India. 

With the real industry heading towards exponential growth, Indian real estate developers and builders are trying to be as exclusive as possible in branding and designing their upcoming projects and form a new selling strategy. Many real estate developers’ newest marketing gimmick is theme-based homes to quench the thirst for evolving customer preferences. 

The adaptations of international lifestyle to create theme-based houses are quite popular amongst the niche buyers whose aspirations surpass luxurious amenities like parks, clubhouse and swimming pools. Such potential buyers who carry a refined taste towards a luxurious lifestyle approach projects that are a visual representation of their personal affinity either towards nature, sports or movies. These buyers are usually High Networth Individuals (HNI) who consider their home to be the perfect reflection of their taste and lifestyle. 

Going by the analytics, the population of HNI in India has been marked up by 20% in 2019 and most of them are concentrated in megacities. Another segment of buyers who take a keen interest in investing in this refined style of living is the NRIs as they’re already exposed to a high standard of living, who snipe on these projects either for dwelling or investment purposes. To keep up with the changing demands of buyers and sustain in a competitive market, developers are rapidly introducing several international concepts in recent times that have taken the Indian real estate sector to a whole new level of evolution. 

The traditional idea about luxury homes has undergone a complete transformation. Today’s contemporary and modern buyers are influenced by global standards, and many real estate developers are leaving no stone unturned to develop projects with specific themes. Indian buyers share a knack for Mediterranean themes and their architecture and real estate developers like Hiranandani and Greenscape are developing projects shortly that carry these aspects. 

Sports, especially golf is a popular concept that goes easily with many premium Indian home buyers for ages. Godrej Golf Links, Panvel is a perfect example of the amalgamation of spacious living and golf course. Many sports-centric townships are being proposed and designed that satisfies niche sports and fitness enthusiasts. Apart from sports, other themes are quite trending amongst the Indian buyers, including environment, technology, Disney, and assimilation of new and old ideas. 

Metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad are the major bearers of the huge working populace with large disposable income and hence the popularity of theme-based homes is also quite high in these cities. To redefine the art of luxury living, developers are coming up with numerous theme-based projects that satisfy the taste of the premium home-buyer sector while others are area or attraction specific like an amusement park or resort. 

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