Renting an customized villa in lonavala for your holiday will assure your privacy

Jan , 5

If you’ve always wanted to live life, king size, then there is only and only 1 place that can let you live your dream. 

Meraki Life – Premium Bespoke Villas by the Greenscape Group are an epitome of class & luxury which lie above the lap of nature surrounded by lush greenery in a hill station that is near proximity to the city – Lonavala. 

This wondrous project is filled with beauty & adventure to give you countless experiences & curiosity to find and explore more each and every day. 

In the terrains of Lonavala/Khandala, the canopy of trees and trails that you will glance at during the rain-drenched mornings, it is sure to remind you of the daydream which you’ve always had in your long-awaited desires.  Thoughtfully located at the starting point of Rajmachi fort trek, Meraki Life is an 1-acre grand property that is known for its breathtaking beauty. 

There are many more reasons why you can rent a customized villa or even buy it to fill your life with joy and abundance! 

  • Definition of your standard 

Imagine yourself at a villa that’s loaded with a private swimming pool, garden, or deck, amazed aren’t you? Owning a lush property with such amenities speaks a lot about a person’s lifestyle. A villa is a symbol of luxury, sophistication, and an exclusive lifestyle. 

  • Privacy at its best 

If privacy is something that you’ve always craved, then opting for a villa would be the best decision you can ever make. You can enjoy the benefits and perks of living in a community while maintaining a private lifestyle. 

  • Exclusive to your own self 

No need of sharing walls, no sharing water supply, no noise of your neighbours no other interruptions! Your luxury villa will come with the exclusivity of many essentials without having to worry about sharing it. 

  • High-end amenities for a lush life

When you live in a villa, you don’t have to worry about your turn or your days to use the amenities. You can be assured that your children and family can have the opportunity to enjoy your private amenities with round the clock security. 

  • Close to nature 

When you live in a villa, you are assured that you will be living amidst beautiful surroundings, serene landscapes thrive on the lap of nature. 

  • Freedom of design

Greenscape Group of developers at Lonavala is offering you bespoke villas to help you design your interiors as per your choice, not just the interiors but the exteriors as well. Villas give you a lot of liberties in matters of space, time and area compared to living in an apartment. 

What we’ve mentioned are just a few advantages of living in a villa, this freedom and flexibility won’t come while living in an apartment. The feeling and happiness is unmatchable and with a promise to give you returns in every way, personally and financially! 


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