Places to invest in Navi Mumbai in 2021

Investment in real estate has always been one of the most preferred investment options in India. Especially if you can make investments in and around metropolitan and 1-tier cities, real estate is the only form of investment that can even double up your sum in a span of 5 years. The pandemic of 2020 has […]

AI revolution in Indian Real Estate

Artificial Intelligence is considered to be a major tool which will be actively adopted for property valuation, trend analysis, and price forecasting. The idea of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has  been existing over the last 60 years. It often oscillates between periods of high market expectations and stretched dull periods with no concrete developments. However, in […]

Terms to know before investing in real estate

Investing in real estate deals with a plethora of factors. If you are thinking of planning your first real estate investment or diversifying your investments into something new, then you should be aware of certain common acronyms and jargon. As a beginner, it isn’t very practical to learn about all the terms at one go, […]

5 things to consider while buying flat in post-pandemic world

Buying a home is a tough call for many of us. Considering the fact that a home is an investment for a lifetime, there are many aspects that factor in when making the decision to purchase one. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of real estate in many ways. It has deeply impacted the […]

Greenscape: Real estate updates (September Roundoff)

Mumbai saw a decline in property registrations in August’21 Mumbai, the biggest hub of real estate investments, saw a decline in the number of property registrations in the month of August 2021. There has been a fall of 32% in registrations when compared to that of July’21, however, almost over a two-and-a-half times increase when […]

How technology is altering the process of buying real estate!

The entry of technology into the Indian real estate market is not a product of the pandemic situation. It has already been there for some years now. Go back about 15-20 years back, when buying a home was a totally offline process. Visiting the real estate offices, visiting localities after localities physically to see the […]

Is it a good time to invest in the commercial real estate sector?

Well, the question seems very legit in the scenario since the office work in India is at a halt since the onset of the pandemic last year. With the coronavirus infection threat looming large, the whole world went into a standstill mode with all the office work being shifted to the work-from-home format as much […]

Change of commercial real estate and office design in the post-pandemic world

Will there be any change in the prospect of commercial real estate in the post-pandemic period? Will the office spaces be of any use in the post-pandemic world? Will commercial real estate get demolished in the advent of work-from-home culture? There are many questions. And finding the answers often causes trepidation in the real estate […]

Things to keep in mind while buying luxury property in Mumbai

Today luxury homes are considered a decent option for both investment and dwelling purposes. In India, the demand for luxury properties is rapidly increasing especially among High net-worth individuals (HNIs) and Non-resident individuals (NRIs). While investing in a luxury property might really seem lucrative, there are certain important considerations that the buyers should keep in […]

11 legal documents you need to check before buying a property

In India, buying a home is a huge thing. Again investment in property is considered one of the most profitable and risk-free investments to be made in India. Needless to say, buying property forms a major part of our adult life dreams. There are several factors that are required to be considered before making an […]

Dedicated digital investment platform to boost real estate growth in India

The central government has announced the launch of a dedicated digital investment platform to facilitate domestic investments and boost the growth of real estate in India. The upcoming platform is aimed to help in channelizing investments in real estate. As per the Commerce Ministry, the upcoming digital platform is meant to do hand-holding, information dissemination […]

Will the Indian real estate market witness a price crash due to Covid 19 impact?

This question is well so relevant in almost every sector and business. Covid 19 created a kind of crisis that had not been witnessed for decades, no one was prepared and certainly, there wasn’t any contingency plan for it. It came all of a sudden and disrupted the whole world. It was expected that the […]

Real Estate Outlook for India in 2021

The effect of the pandemic in the Indian real estate sector was indeed unignorable. The highest employment generating sector in India just after agriculture, the real estate industry was predicted to experience a crumbling effect in the year 2020 as the country went under strict lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus threat. It did impact […]

5 residential property investment hotspots in and around Mumbai

Real estate investment has always been a profitable venture, especially in Mumbai. The city and its surroundings witness population influx every year as it attracts people with its employment opportunities. And the fact also contributes to the upward trend of the property value in the area. If you are the one who is looking into […]

All about the Maharashtra Rent Control Act

The leasing of homes are governed by the Rent Control Act, and each state has its own version of the act. The Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999, which is the new Act in Maharashtra has made many changes in the Bombay Rent Control Act and the changes are applicable to the entire state.  It was […]

5 Commercial Real Estate Trends That Are Dominating In 2021

In the first quarter of 2021 a record high of investment in the Indian realty sector. A staggering 3% to 12% increase in demand for residential realty was witnessed in real estate market hubs like Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. Whereas we also see a considerable increase in commercial properties such as office space, shops, space in […]

The ultimate guide to homeowners association rules

Compared to a few years back, Homeowners Associations (HOAs) have become a common topic today.  It is important for homeowners and investors to be more aware of what they are buying into. The quality of life and financial situation can be impacted by the Homeowners Associations. It is very important to know the common HOA […]

Who Pays Closing Costs When A Property Sells?

Have you ever wanted to know who pays closing costs on a real estate deal? Herein, we will discuss in detail the closing costs one can expect to pay on a deal and who is responsible to pay the closing costs. Closing costs are something that most buyers do not prefer to talk about as […]

The 5 Most Common Rental Property Repairs

A rental property has a lifespan. It won’t serve as a viable asset for long. There would certainly be wear-and-tear issues and appliances at your home have to be checked periodically. Being a landlord, it is your duty to keep a check on all these aspects. If any problem arises or if your tenant reports […]

Tips for calculating square footage in a home

It is important to know how to calculate house plan measurements if you want to list your property for sale. It is necessary to know the amount of space a property has (or doesn’t have) if you are going to acquire a real estate deal.  Why do you need to calculate square footage? There are […]

Learn The Right Way Of Property Listing

In order to carry out the buying and selling of properties, Real Estate Portals must be thoroughly followed so as to avoid the mistakes that can happen while listing your property in the market which can result in poor outcomes.  There are many ways to enhance visibility and drive more traffic to your property. It […]

Education Or Experience- What Does It Take To Be A Real Estate Investor?

How to become a real estate investor is perhaps the most asked question as people still find the idea of becoming a real estate investor intimidating following their lack of knowledge of the real estate business.  Nowadays the internet provides many readily available real estate investing resources and materials, almost anyone can jump in and […]

Stamp duty and registration charges in Navi Mumbai

Depending upon the transaction value of the property, the stamp duty and registration charges in Navi Mumbai may vary up to 6%. A one per cent rebate in the stamp duty was announced by the government if a property is transferred only in a woman’s name. A 4% stamp duty will have to be paid […]

Can hedge funds cause the real estate market to slow down?

Hedge funds usually invest in stocks and not in houses. Money from the investors, that is rich investors are collected by the hedge fund and that money is strategically invested. Hedge funds usually use investor’s money to buy houses and don’t use loans or any kind of debt to buy houses. Hedge funds have a […]

4 key factors that drive the real estate market

It is a fact that real estate represents a significant portion of most people’s wealth. Nevertheless, there are a few factors affecting the real estate market in India such as demographics, interest rates, the economy, government policies/subsidies, etc. Let us discuss these factors in detail: Demographics Demographics are the data that describes the composition of […]

How to screen tenants for rental properties

It is extremely important for landlords to screen tenants for rental units before renting out their property. Landlords can also do credit checks, verify income, confirm employment, conduct criminal background checks, etc in order to ensure that the renter is trustworthy.  There are a number of steps you can take in order to screen your […]

Know the future of the Indian real estate market amidst the COVID-19 second wave

Although the impact of Coronavirus-induced economic difficulties is limited to an extent, the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic is likely to create problematic ripples to a heavy extent.  According to a Reuters poll unveiled in May 2021, the disastrous impact of COVID-19 second wave in Asia’s third-largest economy will crush the demand to an extent, […]

Planning To Buy A Luxury Property? Here’s 5 Things To Keep In Mind.

Today, owning a luxury property in India’s financial capital is truly a reflection of prestige and status. Now everyone dreams to own a space that faces the stunning sea view or overlooks lush greenery or simply offers a close vicinity to IT hubs and commercial spaces. Homebuyers must be conscious while investing in a luxurious […]

Open Doors To Theme Living In India’s Metropolitan Cities

With fashion making a statement into every aspect of human life, the real estate sector has also incorporated this revolution into their respective projects. The exposure of the Indian lifestyle to global standards has significantly raised the bar for real estate developers and builders across India.  With the real industry heading towards exponential growth, Indian […]

Challenges before the cement sector in 2021

The cement industry is the second most important industry after the iron and steel industry and it plays an important part in the country’s economy.  The cement industry will see decent growth this year as the Indian government has announced to lay emphasis on the infrastructure development and Housing For All scheme in the Union […]

Laws of the co-operative housing societies and the upcoming policy changes

There are unique housing cooperative societies ownership models wherein members of the community manage the operations and finances of the society. Co-operative housing societies which are a part of the National Co-operative Housing Federation of India (NCHFI) do abide by the model by-laws. Based on the Multistate Co-operative Societies Act 2002, these by-laws help regulate […]

Impact of COVID-19 Second Wave Delayed the Revival of Commercial Real Estate

The COVID-19 pandemic has been deeply disruptive to real estate markets around the world. The initial stages of the virus from April/May 2020 onwards saw steep declines in demand, revenue and development across the board. Furthermore,  commercial sectors were among the most severely hit due to the change in work practices during the pandemic. The […]

Using a residential property for commercial purposes

Nowadays, it is seen that people are using the residential property for commercial purposes because it helps fetch higher rental income. As per the rules, a limited area or a small part of the residential property can be used for commercial purposes.  Office space is very important for businesses that want to grow and evolve. […]

Tips to communicate the total cost of buying your home

Buying a new home is a very important and expensive endeavour. A lot of planning goes into budgeting such a large investment to ensure there are no liabilities to the buyer after the purchase of the home. In fact, many buyers have to take the burden of a loan in order to purchase their homes. […]

A Glimpse Into The Future Of The Real Estate In The Digital Era

Digital real estate is a marketing technique that helps in attracting quality leads from multiple platforms while also at the same time offering ways to interact with multiple users simultaneously without using only one type of lead generation source. Right from content development to marketing automation and funnel optimization and lead generation, digital real estate […]

Indian real estate sector and the current challenges

With limited land availability for construction, outdated building technologies, Indian real estate has been facing multiple issues. Now it is high time that the government provides immediate solutions to the problems faced by real estate developers and home buyers.  Indian real estate sector accounts for 13 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and […]

Real Estate Marketing Trends to look for in 2021

The outbreak of the coronavirus has impacted the business sector largely. All industries from small sectors to big industries have been impacted. This includes the real estate sector too. The contagious disease has made realty stakeholders depend on and adapt to the recent digital trends. The real estate sector displayed great tenacity against the unprecedented […]

Things to keep in mind while buying a new home.

Planning to invest in a home does not happen overnight. Investing in a new home is a crucial decision in your life. You need to keep these important points in mind while taking a leap and making a selection. You might want to take a housing loan, spend money every month towards instalments of the […]

Real Estate Investment Tips for Beginners

Today, investment does not happen just on traditional assets. If you put in adequate time, there are a lot more avenues that could reward you with good returns. We’re talking about real estate investment. It is one of the most lucrative ways to build your money post your retirement. Real estate investment takes time, efforts, […]

Impact of Corona Virus on Indian Real Estate

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the landscape of Indian real estate in numerous ways. It is important for both real estate professionals and the general population to understand these changes so as to better prepare for how these industries might progress in the coming months and years. Some fundamental points about the impact of […]

How Work From Home will Impact the Future of Real Estate

COVID-19 has had a marked effect on just about every industry in the world. Effects that will continue to influence life and work well after the pandemic has blown over. The real estate industry is no exception and one of the significant changes that have been brought about by the outbreak is the rising popularity […]

What is the difference between commercial and residential real estate?

Real estate is one of the most reliable forms of investment today. The real estate sector is divided into two categories, residential and commercial property. There is of course a huge difference between investing in commercial real estate and residential real estate. Both of these investments involve a huge amount of capital risks. Investment decisions […]

Impact of Technology in Real Estate Industry

In these ever-burgeoning times of digital dominance, the lives of humans have been made so much easier because of the advancement of technology. Earlier, we had to struggle to get off our bed to turn off the lights while going to sleep. Today, with the advancement of technology such as motion sensors, the lights and […]

Why Gudi Padwa 2021 is the best time to invest in Real Estate?

Gudi Padwa 2021 is a festival celebrated by many states in India. The auspicious period of Gudi Padwa is believed to be ideal for investing in new projects or business ventures because investing during this time period helps yield positive results. The festival signifies the birth of Bhoomi and Bhoomi is believed to be the […]

Why do you invest in commercial real estate? What are those factors?

There are uncountable reasons why you should invest in a commercial property. Since real estate has been the most sought after choice for each and every investor, we would like to share some of the most important factors and reasons that may motivate you to invest in commercial real estate.  High income potential:-  One of […]

How Commercial Real Estate Means Boost Real Estate Management?

There are several reasons why an investment in commercial real estate property can lead to the betterment of your financial portfolio and boost your real estate management income.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should blindfolded invest in real estate: Substantial current income and spendable cash The biggest benefits of commercial real estate […]

What is Shared Office Space And Its Advantages?

A shared working space is meant to serve professional business individuals with all the amenities they require to meet their clients. Such business spaces are used by established brands and businesses, even the start-ups. The culture of corporate working space is on the rise, the quality and hunt is also taking a huge leap from […]

Amenities to Look For While Investing In a Real Estate

While buying a property, everyone needs a little bit of help to get the best value of their money. That’s the reason at Greenscape Group we are here to help you understand what amenities and features you should look for when investing in a real estate property.  Exterior Features  Ever wondered how your perfect home […]

Renting an customized villa in lonavala for your holiday will assure your privacy

If you’ve always wanted to live life, king size, then there is only and only 1 place that can let you live your dream.  Meraki Life – Premium Bespoke Villas by the Greenscape Group are an epitome of class & luxury which lie above the lap of nature surrounded by lush greenery in a hill […]

Secret to the search for commercial property

Investing in a commercial property? We bet that you’re looking for some secrets that will help you grow your financial portfolio.  Here at Greenscape Group, we would like to share some of the very useful tips and secrets in the real estate sector – Become a “Know It All” Buying a commercial property comes with […]

Real Estate Investment Tips – Understanding Property Appreciation in Navi Mumbai

If you are willing to buy real estate properties, then the second-best time to buy the property is when the market is down. It is one of the weirdest and important things to know about real estate that the market is down and that’s the time is right. Favorable market conditions for buying real estate […]

Why is Commercial Real Estate Best Investor in India? How?

The real estate experts believe that the best investment in the future, present and always is to buy a commercial property. When choosing the real estate market as an investment strategy, you are keeping profit in mind in almost every case. In this article, we are going to talk about why the commercial real estate […]

The Future of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate in India has been showing great growth for many years, but when the COVID-19 hit the globe, almost every real estate developer could experience their business shaking up. Since the social distancing and lockdown had been imparted, business office spaces, business parks, IT & ITES parks were shut and closed. In Spite […]

5 Things Every Buyer Needs – To Close A Commercial Real Estate Loan

Since the Greenscape Group has a wide experience and understanding of the commercial real estate loan and commercial space, it is possible that our knowledge may help the readers to understand under how and what conditions they can take their step ahead for a loan.  Whereas this financial purchase requires a heavy eye for the […]

Benefits of Investing in Prime Commercial Property in Navi Mumbai

Investing in prime commercial property in Navi Mumbai can be very lucrative for an investor. Looking at the hike every investor in Navi Mumbai is receiving from commercial real estate, it has been very motivating for every other person who has the potential and admiration to make the most of their current financial portfolio.  But […]

Best things to keep in mind while buying an office space In Navi Mumbai

Buying office space, especially in Navi Mumbai to run your business is a much better option than to get a property on lease and paying rents on it. Yet there is no strategy to buy a commercial property that will fit you the best. As everyone knows that a commercial property comes with many advantages […]

Choose The Right corporate office space Rental in Navi Mumbai to Empower Your Business

Your office space plays a pivotal role in the aspect of reflection of your business in front of your clients. It is a must that you own an office space that will speak the language of your professionalism and work ethics. At the Greenscape Group, we are considering all your requirements and we’ve developed office spaces […]

What Are The Features of The Real Estate Projects of Navi Mumbai?

There was a time when Navi Mumbai was considered as a shoulder to Mumbai, but the current year of 2020 has seen a drastic increase and a change in terms of success for this city. In today’s date, Navi Mumbai’s success is vouched for its tremendous growth over the past 4 decades has made Navi […]

How to buy real estate and choose the best investment strategy?

Everyone in this world is aware that the Real estate investment is considered to be the best investment one can ever make for lucrative returns. But there are many things that comprise this sector of earnings which have to be taken care of.  In this blog, Greenscape Group will help you understand how to make […]

The Different Aspects of Greenscape Group Property

Every organization has its own aspects and perspectives which makes it unique and helps it stand apart from the crowd and competition. We at Greenscape Group also have our values embedded in the ground strongly that help us look through the future and develop investment-worthy projects for inspiring investors and individuals.  The Greenscape Group is […]

Benefits of buying Meraki Villa in Khandala

There are several people in this world with different aspirations and their own set of expectations with life. Every individual comes with a desire to own a home that will suit them and their personality, whereas there are many who prefer living in an apartment due to the benefits which come with it.  In this […]

Which is the best investment-commercial or residential property?

Commercial & Residential real estate comes with their own benefits, it is very difficult to make a choice among them. Each investment has its own pros and cons that make life easy as per every individual’s requirements. The decision is totally based on the investor who is willing to put their hard-earned money on a particular […]

Follow These Four Steps In order to Get the Ideal office Space

We all have heard it a thousand times from the real estate consultants and there is no point to deny this fact that it’s true. The location of any commercial business is it small or big has a lot of impact on its success. Imagine an office space for sale that’s more than 40km away […]

Tips to Choose the right office space that you want to buy to inspire your business

If you’re an entrepreneur, it is important for you to understand that your office space plays a crucial role for the standard of your business. Your office space is a reflection of your brand image, your quality of business and there are so many factors that can be channeled into the perspective of having a […]

CBD 614 – Class and Technology Intertwined

CBD-614, a commercial IT & ITES complex that is at par excellence, thanks to the Greenscape Group who are carefully curating this ultimate business hub with brilliant design & architecture.  This next-generation commercial park promises you with the best experience at every step of its building. Associating with the most experienced and international level architectures […]

Technocity – The Most Looked After Commercial Park of Its Time

Yet another aspiring project by the Greenscape Group of Developers is Technocity. True to its name & standing tall with pride,  Technocity is a commercial project constructed with a dedication by amalgamating the most modern of the technologies, contemporary design, and attractive amenities of its time. The state-of-art infrastructure and ergonomically designed workspaces are envisioned […]

Cybercode – Finest in Terms of Everything

Another upcoming project by the Greenscape Group is about to lead you and your business to the heights of success and prosperity. The 24 storey tower is an ultimate destination for business and luxury, a commercial complex that is going to be one of the most happening business centers of Navi Mumbai. We are giving […]

Cyber Works – IT & ITES Park for the Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Located at one of the busiest & commercially engaged areas of entire Navi Mumbai, Cyber Works is an epitome of class & convenience in the world of business. Strategic location, finest amenities, luxurious office spaces. At Cyber Works we’ve made sure that you get the absolute best of everything. Integrated with cutting-edge technologies and modern […]

The Affaires – Where Leisure and Work Comes Hand in Hand

The Greenscape Group brings you a perfect mixture of work and leisure at The Affaires. We aspire to give you the best of both worlds. With its luxurious office spaces, world-class amenities & state-of-art infrastructure, the tower is an epitome of elegance and innovation in the landscape of the commercial real estate. This world-class development […]

Cyber One – One Destination for Your Business’s Success

Every organization in this world deserves a place to work where they can get the best atmosphere and environment to give their 100% dedication in bringing out the best performance at work.  The Greenscape Group has successfully managed to develop an amazing commercial property IT & ITES park which opens the doorway of luxury, prosperity, […]

Meraki Life – Premium Bespoke Villas by the Greenscape Group

Turning daydreams into reality with a thousand stories to tell. This is the effect that is left on a person once they start living a life in Meraki Life. Meraki Life – Premium Bespoke Villas by the Greenscape Group are an epitome of class & luxury which lie above the lap of nature surrounded by lush […]

GS Royale – An exceptional living standard with a touch of commercialism

Just like every time, GS Royale has been able to deliver an exceptional living standard with a touch of commercialism. At the land of Kamothe, GS Royale is standing tall with 7 floors & 9 wings at the prime location of Navi Mumbai, well-built and equipped with modern amenities. It offers 1 and 2 BHK […]

A life of bliss and abundance at The Springs

The Greenscape Group’s motto and endeavor to deliver the best to its customers is never-ending and The Springs is another wonderful example of this dedication. Consisting of 9 towers of 18 storeys, the project holds all the promises of a life of abundance and bliss for you and your family. At The Springs, we’ve made […]

La Vista – An address of healthy and happy living!

Surrounded by the scenic views of Kharghar, La Vista is a spell-bounding project developed by the Greenscape Group. The project is offering 2 to 3 BHK flats with a garden & other luxurious amenities in the complex like swimming pool, jogging track, clubhouse, and the advantage of its prime location. Talking about Kharghar, it is […]

The Residence, the most sought after residential project in Nerul

Greenscape Group brings to you The Residence in Nerul to offer you a luxurious and peaceful living where space is never going to be an issue & safety would be more than just a priority.  Designed for your convenience & ultimate luxury, this project of the Greenscape Group has been installed with advanced and latest […]

Eternia – A Luxurious Abode for a Zestful Living

One of the most luxurious projects in the entire city of Navi Mumbai, Eternia by The Greenscape Group, brings you a place to live your life to its fullest. Eternia By Greenscape Group is situated at Road Pali – Navi Mumbai, which is just a few minutes away from the Mumbai-Pune highway & 10 minutes […]

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