Why do you invest in commercial real estate? What are those factors?

There are uncountable reasons why you should invest in a commercial property. Since real estate has been the most sought after choice for each and every investor, we would like to share some of the most important factors and reasons that may motivate you to invest in commercial real estate.  High income potential:-  One of […]

How Commercial Real Estate Means Boost Real Estate Management?

There are several reasons why an investment in commercial real estate property can lead to the betterment of your financial portfolio and boost your real estate management income.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should blindfolded invest in real estate: Substantial current income and spendable cash The biggest benefits of commercial real estate […]

What is Shared Office Space And Its Advantages?

A shared working space is meant to serve professional business individuals with all the amenities they require to meet their clients. Such business spaces are used by established brands and businesses, even the start-ups. The culture of corporate working space is on the rise, the quality and hunt is also taking a huge leap from […]

Amenities to Look For While Investing In a Real Estate

While buying a property, everyone needs a little bit of help to get the best value of their money. That’s the reason at Greenscape Group we are here to help you understand what amenities and features you should look for when investing in a real estate property.  Exterior Features  Ever wondered how your perfect home […]

Renting an customized villa in lonavala for your holiday will assure your privacy

If you’ve always wanted to live life, king size, then there is only and only 1 place that can let you live your dream.  Meraki Life – Premium Bespoke Villas by the Greenscape Group are an epitome of class & luxury which lie above the lap of nature surrounded by lush greenery in a hill […]

Secret to the search for commercial property

Investing in a commercial property? We bet that you’re looking for some secrets that will help you grow your financial portfolio.  Here at Greenscape Group, we would like to share some of the very useful tips and secrets in the real estate sector – Become a “Know It All” Buying a commercial property comes with […]

Real Estate Investment Tips – Understanding Property Appreciation in Navi Mumbai

If you are willing to buy real estate properties, then the second-best time to buy the property is when the market is down. It is one of the weirdest and important things to know about real estate that the market is down and that’s the time is right. Favorable market conditions for buying real estate […]

Why is Commercial Real Estate Best Investor in India? How?

The real estate experts believe that the best investment in the future, present and always is to buy a commercial property. When choosing the real estate market as an investment strategy, you are keeping profit in mind in almost every case. In this article, we are going to talk about why the commercial real estate […]

The Future of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate in India has been showing great growth for many years, but when the COVID-19 hit the globe, almost every real estate developer could experience their business shaking up. Since the social distancing and lockdown had been imparted, business office spaces, business parks, IT & ITES parks were shut and closed. In Spite […]

5 Things Every Buyer Needs – To Close A Commercial Real Estate Loan

Since the Greenscape Group has a wide experience and understanding of the commercial real estate loan and commercial space, it is possible that our knowledge may help the readers to understand under how and what conditions they can take their step ahead for a loan.  Whereas this financial purchase requires a heavy eye for the […]

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